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If you or someone you love is in need of a wheelchair, there are local home medical equipment providers who offer several options to meet the unique needs of your situation. Complete the form or Call us toll-free at (855) 284-3422.

  • BulletTransport chairs: lightweight and used to transport patients from home to vehicle and vehicle to appointments etc.
  • BulletStandard manual wheelchairs have flip-away arm rests and swing-away foot rests, and can be customized to fit the needs of the user.
  • BulletUltra-lightweight chairs are easy to maneuver and lend themselves well to sport and recreation.
  • BulletSport/Recreation Sport wheelchairs allow athletes with disabilities to perform in sports they enjoy. The wheelchairs are built for speed and agility. Recreational wheelchairs offer better mobility on uneven terrain.
  • BulletPower wheelchairs are run by an electric motor and can be customized to fit a patient’s particular needs.

Did you know your local HME provider can also provide...

  • Seating expertise to determine which chair is right for your needs?
  • Delivery and local service as long as you have your chair?
  • You with rental equipment when appropriate?

Let HMEprovider.com save you the work of searching for a provider!

We will connect you with the LOCAL wheelchair expert most suited to your needs. Your information will be kept confidential and only shared with the expert best suited for you.

  • Transport Wheelchair Transport Wheelchair
  • Manual Wheelchair Manual Wheelchair
  • Recreation Wheelchair Recreation Wheelchair
  • Lightweight Wheelchair Lightweight Wheelchair
  • Sport Wheelchair Sport Wheelchair
  • Power Wheelchair Power Wheelchair
  • High-end Power Wheelchair High-end Power Wheelchair
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