Patient Lifts

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Do you or someone you love need that added lift at home? In home health care, patient lifts are a safety necessity not only for the patient, but also the caregiver. At, we connect you to a local home medical equipment provider who is qualified to meet your unique mobility needs and keep your service conveniently close to home. Complete form or call us at 800-951-1213.

  • Hydraulic Lift Manual or Hydraulic Patient Lift: A manual patient lift is typically the most affordable or economical option available and is controlled by a hydraulic hand pump. The hydraulic power multiplies the caregiver’s efforts. Manual patient lifts are very portable and easy to use.
  • Electric Lift Electric Patient Lift: The electric patient lift is run by an electrical outlet or battery pack and makes patient transferring virtually effortless. Rechargeable batteries are available for added mobility and in some cases, electrically-operated lifts can be controlled by the patient, but are generally twice as expensive as hydraulic lifts.
  • Stand-up Lift Stand-up Patient Lift: A Stand-up lift brings the patient from sitting position to standing position while maintaining weight-bearing support. This list is most commonly used in therapy or for commode use.
  • Over-head Lift Over-head Patient Lift: This lift includes an over-head track system and motor to lift the patient and easily transfers them without the frustrations of rolling over thick carpet or maneuvering around tight corners. The track system can be built in or stand alone.

Did you know your local HME provider can also provide...

  • Patient slings to meet the individual needs of the patient?
  • Delivery and local service as long as you have your patient lift?
  • Professional installation when necessary?
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