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Independent at home, because there is no place like home

Welcome to HMEprovider. How can we help you today? What type of home medical equipment are you looking for? What products will help you or your loved one remain independent, safe and comfortable in the home?

Where do you begin?

  1. Please look through the list of equipment to find the products you may need. To assist you, we have broken down the products by section.
  2. Complete and submit our basic electronic form. Your information will then be forwarded to a qualified and helpful medical equipment provider in your area.
  3. The HMEprovider partner will then contact you directly by phone or email as soon as possible to assess your needs.
  4. You and the provider will discuss your needs or set up a more comprehensive appointment to evaluate you or your loved one's needs. When you have found the item that you need, the local provider will place your order.
  5. You get to enjoy your renewed freedom and safety!

HMEprovider will do everything possible to connect you to a local partner who can fill your needs; however there may be times when a provider cannot be located. In these situations, you will be contacted by email.

Are you an HMEprovider?

Find out how you can become part of our provider network. Fill out an application today.

We accept applications from home medical equipment dealers and home modification companies. We will review your application and will verify that your business meets our business model, location, product line and our quality/customer services guidelines. We reserve the right to restrict access to our network based on the fore mentioned criteria.

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